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Wcs custom

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PostSubject: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT   Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:46 am

This is a message that i wud like every1 to read

basically im sure ur all aware by now that were moving to a new site wen its finished wich means DK Dawg and myself are really busy getting everything ready so u guys can have a better experience with IG.

So i wud like every1 on zriot and the wcs server to add my steam Name.

Steam Name: joshyb107

reason being i cant come on the server alot. because im helping get the new stuff ready so any complaints and illegal activity plz add me and report it and ill try to get on as soon as possible and deal with watever is wrong.

dont just make reports of illegal activity if u dont have solid proof cus there will be nothing i can do to get proof type "record" in console and the name u want to call the file and also press f12 ingame to take a screenshot once u have this proof message me on steam and ill tell you wat to do with it.

thanks for Helping The IG Family

and i hope u enjoy ur experience here

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