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 Race Coding TUTORIAL

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lvl 3 community support

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PostSubject: Race Coding TUTORIAL   Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:16 am

People have been asking if they could help me when making races, so i decided to make this outline/tutorial on just a single coding part in making races. this part takes me a few min to create, but it is one of the major parts i don't like doing Razz

so this is the outline you will need

[Race Name]

#Skill information
numberofskills = 0
numberoflevels = 6
skillnames = ""
skilldescr = ""

The rest will take you Months to learn.. as it did for me Razz

now step by step this is what you do

Race name...Smile u should know what to do here put the race name in the [ ]

next is numberofskills...just put down the number of skills you wish to put into the race. like 1-8..

number of levels is always 6. don't change that Smile

skill names..the harder part.. this is where you type interesting skill names (like bloody spear), separate each skill name with a |
so should look like this when your done


skillnames = "bloody spear|muhhhaaa|bob|fly man fly"

next is the skill description
this part all you do is describe the skill and what it does..
(ex. impale a spear in their chest pulling them towards you)
final should look like this


skilldescr = "impale a spear in their chest pulling them towards you

then your done, and i can do the rest Razz make sure you post in Race Suggestions, so now that you have created your first race outline, make some more Razz
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Race Coding TUTORIAL
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