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 Maps and Spawn Zone Camping Rules

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PostSubject: Maps and Spawn Zone Camping Rules   Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:31 pm

As of late there has been questions and problems on Spawn camping in ZRiot, here are rules for each according map to get things clarified. Deathkilla, edit this post if you feel something is incorrect. I will be editing this post often as I play alot, each place I see that is a problematic spot where others cannot obtain kills/exp due to massive spawn camping will most likely be added to the list below.

Make Sticky please.

All areas specified below are to be enforced by ZRiot admins accordingly, no exceptions. If you feel a spot is un-warranted or not listed below you may speak with myself, Dawg, or Deathkilla about it.

zm_lila_panic & zm_lila_panic_1337: Anything beyond the bottom of the stairs is their spawn zone as it is completely random and they spawn everywhere downstairs.

superlag: Anything beyond the box in the sky is T spawn zone.

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Maps and Spawn Zone Camping Rules
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